Mindful and Centred: Becoming More Responsive, Less Reactive

Monday, February 25, 2019, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Co-presented by Esther Cieri and rj fleck, Certified Teachers of the Alexander Technique

A practical workshop providing tools for increased ease and efficiency in movement and daily activities.

An Alexander Technique Workshop
with rj fleck and Esther Cieri

A proven method to reduce anxiety and move with less pain and discomfort

In this Alexander Technique Workshop, we will help set you up for success in your quest to be more responsive, and less reactive in challenging or stressful situations

Do you sometimes find yourself falling into the patterns of behaviour and movement that you could do without? Is the effort of what you are trying to achieve getting in the way? This workshop will help you acquire and develop tools to break free from self-defeating habits and make room for new ways of effectively engaging with and being in the world.

Improve your freedom of movement, expressiveness and confidence
Move with less strain and effort
Overcome Anxiety and Self Consciousness
Decrease Tension and Stress
Prevent and Rehabilitate Injury

In the morning, we will learn how to replace problematic habitual patterns of thinking and moving with options for more constructive use of our selves

In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity break into smaller groups and apply the
morning’s materials to specific activities and situations.

rj fleck

rj fleck is an experienced pianist, composer and musician, with advanced degrees in music and digital electronics.  He is also certified to teach the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Yoga and extends himself into Tai Chi and Contemplative Practice. His approach is to help the student engage with the activities of life with ease and freedom, in a manner which is sustainable and non-injurious.

Esther Cieri began her career as a movement educator in her late teens teaching ballet and creative dance. She is certified to teach the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Yoga. Her approach is to facilitate healing by creating a safe space for you to uncover your own wisdom and awareness about how to move through the world with more ease, resiliency and simplicity. She specializes in injury rehabilitation and prevention, workplace wellness and assisting artists and performers optimize their potential.

The Alexander Technique is a practical method of achieving an increased level of awareness and conscious direction of the use of ourselves in activities. If you would like to improve your ability to move through your daily activities with less effort, stress and strain; if you would like to approach your life experience with more lightness and grace, this workshop is for you.

All are welcome:
this workshop is for everybody who moves, lives and does.

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